Enterprise UX Canvas

A collaboration tool for designing transactional features and products for enterprise SaaS platforms.

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Better Products through Visibility & Collaboration

Enterprise UX Canvas is a loosely defined, practical framework for exploring and closing design knowledge gaps that are critical to the creation of great user experiences for transactional/task-based enterprise software. Used in meetings as a visual aid, it helps teams ask the right questions to elicit the key requirements that make or break the user experience. Enterprise UX Canvas aims to be more tactical than other canvases that are generally oriented towards high-level strategic planning.

How to use the Enterprise UX Canvas

There is no "right" way to use Enterprise UX Canvas. However, I would recommend the following as a starting point.

1. Assemble Stakeholders Determine the appropriate stakeholders or subject matter experts for each of the mapped areas.
2. Go Through the Boxes Meet as a team, and systematically go through the canvas, answering questions within each of the knowledge areas.
3. Derive Design Implications Strive to derive actionable design implications from every question answered.
4. Encourage Participation Encourage team members to contribute to and learn from all areas. Greater participation results in better ideas, closer alignment, and reduces the chance of missing key requirements.

What Next?

As you use the canvas, you will realize certain areas are more important for your software's user experience than others. Update the canvas with new blocks and refine the questions in each area so they are more applicable to your business.

About Me

Benjamin Koh is a product manager and UX designer based out of NYC.

Email Me or find me on LinkedIn. I'd love to know your thoughts and feedback on the Enterprise UX Canvas!